Sweet Choices

Our range of pick & mix is constantly growing and we endeavour to update our menu as much as possible. You may find some pick & mix sweets that aren't listed below in your selection. If you have a dislike please mention in the notes section when ordering.

ALLERGY INFO: Our pick & mix may contain nuts, peanuts, gluten, soy, gelatine, wheat, dairy, & egg.

Rhubarb & Custard, Mid Dolphins, Sour fizzy cables, Fizzy Strawberries

Strawberry rocketz, Giant Dolphins, Peach Rings, Tongue Painters
Friendship rings, Blue Raspberry wheels, Cherries, Sour Dummies
Blue Raspberry Rocketz, Blue Raspberry bricks, Bubblegum bottles, Fizzy mini twists
Gummy bears, Apple belts, Fizzy cherry cola bottles, Flying saucers.

Rainbow belts, Dracula Teeth, Fizzy gummy bears, thangs
Bubble gum bottles, Flower mallows, Trutti fruitti Bottles
Fizzy Dracula Teeth, Jelly Strawberries, Sour Apples, Fizzy Snakes
Glow worms, Tongue Lickers, FIzzy Jumbo Cola bottles, Dentures

Sweet & Sour Bears, Fizzy Rainbow Belts, Strawberry Kisses
Blue Raspberry bottles, Blue Raspberry Kisses, Yellow bellies, Rum & coke bottles
Strawberry milkshakes, Spiders, Watermelon Slices, Mini rainbow belts
Strawberry belts, inverted strawberry bricks, Pint glasses, Bubble gum bottles

Jelly Skulls, Mini fizzy cables, Turtles, Jelly brains, Fizzy Strawberries
Mini rainbows, Red & Back berries, Mini Strawberry cables, Shrimps,
Multi coloured mini cables, Strawberry wheel, Strawberry mallows, Tochos

Cinder Toffee, White Jazzles, Pink Piggies
Spinning tops, White chocolate stars, Chocolate Nibbles
Jumbo Milk Jazzles, Fish & Chips, Salted Caramel Choc Peanuts
Milk Stars, White & Pink Mice, Milk Choc Biscuit & Fudge
Icy Cups, Skulls, Peanut Brittle

Bubble gum bottles, Tongue lickers, Fizzy Cables, Cherries, Peach rings
Fizzy strawberries, Tongue Painters, Fizzy cherry cola bottles, Dracula Teeth
Sour dummies, Mini twist cables
Fizzy gummy bears, Mermaids, Apple belts, Sour apples, Flying saucers